my husband has made a habit of changing the desktop picture on our computer every few days, according to which is the cutest thing (in his opinion) on cuteoverload.com. sometimes he calls me into the computer room to see how cute a puppy or kitten or hedgehog is and we say things like “oh my god, that is ridiculous”, or “it’s so fucking cute, I think I might throw up.” yesterday we were talking about how insanely cute this fennec fox with the pink lacy harness/dress is and he says, “and the leash doesn’t even match, can you believe it? i mean, if you’re going to go that far and put a pink and lacy harness on a fox, the leash should match- what the hell?!”

really, he should be on cuteoverload.

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Daniele said...

"really, he should be on cuteoverload."

I completely agree.