holy crap i suck at blogging (also, spelling rant)

this is why i waited so long to start a blog. a lot of the time i don't feel like i have anything of interest to say, so i just don't say anything. (on the blog, i mean. of course i say tons of un-interesting things to the poor souls who are unlucky enough to see me on a regular basis. poor little beatrix has to listen to me sing about un-interesting things. i like to make up little songs and sing to her.)

anyhoo, (i hate it when people write "anywho" because i think it's spelled "anyhoo". 'who' makes it seem like you're referring to a person. i don't care if a word is slang or a silly made up word, i still think that there are correct and incorrect spellings for most of them.) poor little bea had her hysterectomy a couple weeks ago. they actually just remove the uterus and ovaries, which i hadn't really thought about until we dropped her off. i guess when i thought about it before, i was thinking that they just 'tie the tubes' since they call it spaying and not a hysterectomy. i felt sort of bad about it when i realized what was going to happen. she didn't have a choice. for all i know, she really wanted to have puppies. she's kind of a tomboy, so probably not, but you never know. it does cut the chance of her getting breast cancer by 50%, so i know it's for the best, plus i can't imagine dealing with the whole being in heat thing. she would probably be miserable and i would have to put diapers on her- what a mess. none of us need that. she is much better off sans reproductive organs, i guess.

i used to think that it was a good idea to stay friendly with ex-boyfriends. yeah, now not so much. a crazy and stupid ex-boyfriend is another thing i don't need. that is all.

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V said...

It's definitely anyhoo. Anywho doesn't make sense unless you really are addressing a comment to the faceless throng or ambivalent to who actually fulfills a request :)

Don't sweat the whole "no idea what I can say" thing. Just address it to yourself and if someone else likes it, fair enough. There are too many people trying too hard without others adding to their number.

Just be yourself. As long as you're true to yourself, everything will be just fine.

I got here (if you care) looking for the Aerosmith Cryin/crazy/amazing triumverate. Good stuff.