data entry crushes souls

ugh. it's my own fault that at 30 i've still got a job that requires things like data entry. i didn't go to a proper college/university and still don't want to. i'm not a real fan of school in general, actually. i like to learn new things, but on my terms. also i'm extremely lazy. the thought of having to write papers is enough to keep me from going back to school but i guess the main reason is the fact that at this point i'd basically have to start from scratch as my associates degree in photography is completely worthless and it would take me approximately 8 years going part-time just to get an undergraduate degree. i'm pretty sure it wouldn't make much of a difference now anyway, as far as getting a better job goes. of course having a bachelor's degree could lead to getting a master's degree but as i still don't know 'what i really want to do', what's the point in spending all of that time and money when there's no guarantee that i'll end up totally fufilled and making good money? in general, i'm a pretty happy person and most of the time i don't mind that i don't have a chosen career. except, i suppose, when i am doing soul-crushing data entry.

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j-me said...

so your path totally works for you. and look at me - i have a bachelors and i'm an assistant, doing data entry, fetching lunch, putting paper in copy machines for students...it's ridiculous. you have done very well for yourself and having a bachelors doesn't have to always mean getting the better job. if there's something you think you'd love to study, then do it. if not, i don't recommend the stress and aggravation.