chili + granola= farts

i made turkey and white bean chili last night, which i've made before and is delicious. it's got cocoa powder and cinnamon and cayenne, and oh man it's good. it's low-fat, too, which is a bonus. when i finished making the chili, i started thinking about breakfast and decided to make more of the french chocolate granola that i made last week and polished off so quickly. it’s such a nice breakfast, with 2% milk poured on top and even better with some slivers of strawberry or banana.

the only problem is the gas that the granola causes. my cube is encased in a fart cloud. i may have to get one of these.


thebaroness said...

now i'm crazing that chili! um, and that fart absorbing cushion is genius! genius, i say!

j-me said...

gross. i'm telling all your co-workers to steer clear.