don't even get me started

so... the debate last night: barack doesn't wear a goddamn flag pin and they had questions from pennsylvanians that were videdotaped and this stupid woman asked why he WON'T wear a flag pin- is he not patriotic? so i'm so angry not even just at the stupid yokel who asked the question but that the t.v. station or whoever it is that chose that fucking question to air! it's so irrelevant and distracting when there are real issues, like the WAR maybe? and the freaking ECONOMY? jesus h. they take a stupid thing like a flag pin or something obama's pastor said years ago or something that hillary made a little mistake about and blow it up and beat it to death. so in response to the flag pin question, barack basically said that it's a "manufacured issue" and that of course he loves this country and that he's said many times before that "his story wouldn't be possible in any other country." you know, raised by a single mom, mixed race, poor but went to college, to where his is now, blah blah blah. he totally took the high road every time. even when they asked about how hillary lied about the whole sniper fire thing he said they should let it go, unlike hillary, who basically took jabs at him every chance she got. he's just so much more honest and intelligent, in my opinion. i don't know about you, but i want a president who's a lot smarter than me. look how well things have worked out with a president who's "just a regular guy." anyway, i just wish they would focus on the real issues. i'd really like to hear more about how each of them plans to "fix" things. here's a great article on the debate.

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